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Drop in to shop & we will clean & have the dress ready to pick up within 2 to 3 weeks , Sooner if required. The price above is for a standard size dress



Pick up & drop off back to your house/premises. wedding dress fully cleaned & hung on bespoke wedding dress  hangers ready to wear or store.



Collection & Delivery from your chosen location. Wedding Dress fully cleaned & wrapped in acid free tissue paper & finally boxed 

Dry cleaning Wedding Dresses is a must if you want to effectively remove accumulated dust - general dirt - staining - allergens.  


We have been cleaning Wedding Dresses for over 65 years & have the know how & expertise to ensure effective cleaning.


You will be impressed with the end result or your money back !.


Finally we offer a full repair & alteration service if needed.



Use the contact form below or Tel 02392644464 Mobile 07590470111 or just drop them down to the shop.


Terms & Conditions 

This does not affect your statutory rights

1.   We only insure up to 10 x the value of the wedding dress cleaning price ie if £35 then £350 in total in case of damage , Loss or any kind of dispute.

2.   Buttons - Embellishments-Sequins are at owners risk due to there delicate nature & also in many cases may not be dry cleanable even though label says different.

3.   All silks & fine textiles are at owners risk due the un stable nature of the fabric either through shrinkage or staining that will not come out & poor quality fabrics.

4.   Colour runs are at owners risk & we take no responsibility for this , These are manufacturing faults & lye with the manufacturer. Where a dress has been altered with

      other fabrics , this invalidates the care label Ie something blue ,coloured breast plates added after buying , These are just a few examples of colour run that can occur

      either from customer added fabrics to faulty material from the manufacturer where dyes have not been set correctly .

5.    All staining will be treated , but cannot guarantee there 100 % removal.

6.   We have a policy of only taking the dress & are not responsible for any bags or other items if lost or damaged , Please take with you when dropping off.

7.   We cannot insure against or accept liability for shrinkage due to many wedding dresses suffering from excessive water & stain damage during the wedding day &

     in particular silk & fine fabrics are prone to this & you use this service under this condition that we will not be liable.

7.   This is a budget service & upon tendering your dress for cleaning in the shop or via collection this service you acknowledge & accept the above terms & conditions

      signed for or not. 

8.   Any claim for damages/Missing items must be made within 48 hours of collection items from shop or delivery. No exceptions. We will not pay out compensation if

        not highlighted  within this time.

9.   Dresses must presented by the individual that owns them on drop off or collection. Id may be required when collecting if you have mis laid your customer ticket

       number. If it is not the owner of the dress then dress is entirely cleaned at the real owners risk.

10. All Wedding must be inspected at time of collection or delivery & any issues highlighted at this point. We allow 48 hour extension to this as highlighted  

       above if you feel you need to make a claim.

11.  We do not insure against missing or loose Buttons - Embellishments-Sequins & these are cleaned entirely at owners risk. We will take every reasonable care to ensure 

       that these are treated gently , But can not guarantee the workmanship of others.

12.  Compensation amount will be solely of up to 10 x the value of the garment clean price &  at the discretion of the manager & will take into account age - condition - Make etc.

13.  All claims must be made within the time scales highlighted above & must be accompanied by the customer wedding dress ticket that was issued at the time of drop , This ticket 

       is yours to keep & we suggest you keep it in safe place after collection of your dress for future reference. We will not accept any claim with out this ticket. This is your receipt.

14. All Garments/Wedding dresses are pre inspected once they arrive prior to cleaning & we record known staining - damage & problems - This is kept for due diligence in the event

      of a claim. This information is kept for own our records. If you would like a pre inspection report emailed , we can do this at the time of drop off. But after this date the pre

      inspection report is solely for our due diligence & will only be copied out by the discretion of the manager & we have no obligation to supply.

15. All claims will be dealt with within 60 days of receipt of a claim notification. They will initially be dealt with by our customer service admin within the first 14 days , who will gather 

      relevant information & then upon the relevant information being gathered they will assess the claim/Complaint/Feedback & then pass on to the Manager who will then come to a 

      informed decision on the terms & conditions & also any relevant information regards the specifics of the claim & email there findings & claim amount to be awarded. The

      managers decision is final.


Please note in case of damage - Loss or Dispute Copnor Launderette & Dry cleaners liability will come to know more than 10 x the value of the clean price ie if  cleaning price is £35 then £350 is the maximum liability we will be liable for.

Please do not use this service unless you have read these terms & conditions & accept them.