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Keep your bedding clean, safe and comfy! It's a fact that duvets and textiles can carry millions of microscopic dust mites. These mites thrive in carpets, bedding and other dense fabrics. They love warm humid environments like bedrooms so it's important to regularly launder your duvets.


Regular cleaning will help keep your duvets hygienic. Reduce mites and other particulates that can aggravate asthma and other allergies. Your normal domestic washing machine will be unlikely to wash your duvet effectively due to its drum size generally being 8kg. We have 50 kg commercial washer extractors that will wash the largest duvet size and material perfectly. 

A note on staining , The best way to maintain your duvet is to launder it & cleanse it regularly , Staining on duvets is built up & normally permanent is highly unlikely to come out , the key though is to ensure that the duvet has been hygienically laundered & sanitised. If you have any staining we will of course pre treat if small areas & we have been advised at the time of bringing in what areas are of concern , but there is no guarantees. The aim is to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly hygienically & to this end we use commercial detergents & always add a good quality stain remover , unlike other laundrys , Please remember though its about maintaining your duvet & we do not offer a new for old service & cannot guarantee stain removal through laundering , You can however ask the dry cleaner to look at it & pre treat staining , but this will carry added costs if we are asked to do so.


We have been laundering & dry cleaning for over 65 years.

We can wash and dry clean any size duvet from single, double, king size, even up to super king size. We can clean all tog ratings and materials from polyester to feather and everything in between.


Once washed the duvet will be dried in out large 50 kg capacity commercial gas tumble dryers, leaving your duvet with that just laundered smell and feel.


You can drop your duvets off and we will launder and dry for you at a time to suit you. We can even offer a same day service, as well as collection and delivery!

Washed - Dried - Rolled - Bagged

Single £13

Double £14

King £15

King 13.5 TOG £18

Super King £20

Feather Surcharge £2

Duvet Cleaning Prices


Please contact us via the form below to arrange collection and delivery or simply visit us to drop it off in person. If you have any questions, please phone us 07590470111 or 02392644464. You can also email

Thanks! Message sent.


309 Copnor Road, Portsmouth,  PO3 5EG



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